I coach people because I want you to be your best.

Pro ball players, swimmers, ultra-endurance athletes, actors, and singers all have coaches. It would be unimaginable to expect a professional to reach the peak of his or her performance or influence without one.

Being the best business leader you can be is just as much a professional endeavor as that of any pro athlete. If you are going to be your best, you need the perspectives and insights of an experienced leadership coach.


Effective coaching delivers measurable results. My coaching work is dedicated to improving you and your team's productivity and effectiveness, lowering your stress, improving your organization's outcomes, and expanding your opportunities. It all starts with helping you assess and develop your strengths as a leader in four key areas.

We’re better as a result of the strategic opportunities Brett helped our team uncover. He exceeded my expectations.

– John Mezzalingua, CEO, PPC

There are many different roles I play as coach – confidant, reflector, planner, noticer, and bridger. Each one of these roles is an important part of helping leaders become their best. 

Every coaching engagement begins with a outcoming-setting exercise where we determine what defines success for you and a roadmap for how we will help you get there.

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If you really need a coach, but your are not sure if you can afford it, there are some options.