Core Practices Assessment

Is your team ready to achieve the extraordinary? The Core Practices Assessment is a unique team evaluation and improvement tool that leaders use to convert their aspirations to be extraordinary into extraordinary improvement. The CPA provides a detailed analysis of those factors that support and inhibit extraordinary performance.

Four Questions Every Leader Should Ask

Four simple questions have the power to unleash extraordinary results for you and your team – Where? Why? How? and What? By using these four questions and their powerful answers leaders will create a roadmap that inspires, aligns, and focuses their teams to achieve extraordinary results.

Core Leadership: Leading from Within

There are thousands of books written leadership skills and techniques, yet little has been said about the most important leadership tool of all – the mind. By understanding how the mind seeks to sabotage our relationships and success, leaders have the opportunity get their core right and develop leadership routines that harness the amazing power of their minds.

Scale Up Your Startup

The entrepreneurial spirit is strong yet all too often startups fail to scale after they launch. Entrepreneurs are good, many times great, at starting companies. The difficulty comes when they come up against the inevitable challenges that arise when trying grow their startup. They need new tools, a new perspective, to conquer the resistance and to utilize the challenges as fuel to propel their companies forward

What Makes a Great Strategy?

Strategy is a business management term we use all the time, yet many struggle to crisply define what it means. In my work, I help organizations create roadmaps for success. An effective mission, strategy or business model (I think they are the same thing), and action plan are a critical parts of this roadmap. A great strategy answers the question …

The First Step in Building Trust

A New York Times/CBS News poll from more than decade ago, publicized that 63% of people interviewed believe you “can’t be too careful” dealing with most people. According to more recent Maritz Research poll, only 7% of employees trust senior leaders to look out for their best interests and 25% do not trust management to make the right decisions in times of …