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Live and Lead with Excellence

Inspiring Leadership Excellence

Coaching, Peer Groups, and Consulting on Leadership Excellence

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Leadership strength flows from the inside out

George Hébert was a French Navy officer and later wrote the book on physical education and became the grandfather of Parkour. He famously said, "Be Strong to be Useful." Leadership excellence is about developing your strengths from the inside out.

I coach people because I want you to be your best.

Pro ball players, swimmers, ultra-endurance athletes, actors, and singers all have coaches. It would be unimaginable to expect a professional to reach the peak of his or her performance or influence without one.

Being the best business leader you can be is just as much a professional endeavor as that of any pro athlete. If you are going to be your best, you need the perspectives and insights of an experienced leadership coach.


Effective coaching delivers measurable results. My coaching work is dedicated to improving you and your team's productivity and effectiveness, lowering your stress, improving your organization's outcomes, and expanding your opportunities. It all starts with helping you assess and develop your strengths as a leader in four key areas.

We’re better as a result of the strategic opportunities Brett helped our team uncover. He exceeded my expectations.

– John Mezzalingua, CEO, PPC

There are many different roles I play as coach – confidant, reflector, planner, noticer, and bridger. Each one of these roles is an important part of helping leaders become their best. 

Every coaching engagement begins with a outcoming-setting exercise where we determine what defines success for you and a roadmap for how we will help you get there.

Learn more about my approach to coaching.

Are you ready to take the next step? My availability is limited and I only work with those that are truly hungry live with excellence and to take their game to the next level. To start the application process, click on the button below.

If you really need a coach, but your are not sure if you can afford it, there are some options.


I facilitate peer groups to help you accelerate your success.


The perils of running a business are self-evident. The stats are clear – most businesses fail – 80% within two years and 95+% within ten years. 

Spot on recommendations have made our portfolio companies much more agile.

– Kevin Kemmerer, EVP, Safeguard Scientifics

Yes, running a company is incredibly stressful. You have challenging issues to address, plenty of tough decisions to make, and an expectation that you are the indefatigable cheerleader of the team. You can feel isolated and alone.

We call our peer groups – X GROUPS because we are all about helping you live and lead with excellence. We believe that excellence is a powerful X Factor for your future success.

X factor  groups offer a unique opportunity to connect with six to ten business executives in a safe environment where you can learn best practices, get feedback on challenging issues, and take your game to the next level.

Learn more about how X GROUPS work and the value they will help you create.

Three X GROUPS begin during Q2 2018.

  • An in-person group that meets in Lehi and Salt Lake City, UT for for young, first-time entrepreneurs

  • An in-person group for CEOs with more than five years of executive experience.

  • A virtual group for CEOs with more than five years experience that do no work in the Salt Lake City area.

Don't miss this opportunity to achieve breakthrough success. Apply to join a X GROUP today, space is limited.

I give speeches that inspire people to live and lead with excellence.

I believe that a great speech engages, inspires, and motivates people to act.  Sharing powerful stories, introspective questions, and simplifying metaphors in a way that builds tension is a compelling way to engage your audience.

Turning a speech into a learning event requires that the audience gets takeaways or talk summaries to prompt their memories and help them reengage and share the message with others.

I speak at private organization events, conferences, and community events to audiences of more than 500 and as small as 15 on topics related to leadership, strategy, taking action, and achieving extraordinary results. Every speech I give is customized to the needs of your audience.

Brett’s remarks on breakthrough performance was a home run with our value added resellers.

– Ken Clayton, VP Sales, SolidWorks

I will work with you to understand what your desired outcomes are and how I can tailor my content to help you hit a home run. Learn more about my approach and topics I regularly speak about and check out my webinars and other events.