What do professional athletes and performers all have in common? Coaches.

Get serious about your business game and reach peak performance with an executive coach.

Like any professional athlete, leaders that are committed to become their best are dedicated to their craft, they do they hard work, they intentionally practice the skills, habits, and mindsets that enables leaders to multiply their effectiveness. They understand they need a coach to guide them on their journey, to help them see things as they really are, develop a roadmap to reach their goals, and stay accountable to the changes they need to make. The benefits they enjoy as a result of their efforts are increased productivity for them and their teams, greater resilience when facing challenges, and most importantly much better results.

Coaching Approach

Our approach is evidence-based and has been proven to help you increase your effectiveness quickly. We use an iterative process to ensure we focus on a few key things that will make the most difference in the short-term.

Clarify Goals and Purpose

We begin by identifying and clarifying what results you want to achieve and your purpose,  or “why?”, at three levels – your organization/team, you as a leader, and you as a person. Your goals will be most effective when they reinforce each other in order to sustain your commitment to be your best.

Determine Reality 


Next we determine your current reality and your actual strengths and weaknesses through set of qualitative and quantitative assessments that you and your, peers, subordinates, managers, and significant others complete. Most leaders have significant blind spots that a coach and good assessments can help illuminate.

Develop Roadmap

The distance between where you are and where you want to be creates tension that can motivate you to do the work necessary. Together we will develop a roadmap to help you bridge the gap and achieve your goals. We have identified a set of skills that great leaders use-- we will help you pinpoint the skills you possess in this category that you can then turn into super strengths. We will then determine how surrounding yourself with people with complementary capabilities will make up for the areas you lack, and if necessary, work on eliminating any catastrophic weaknesses.

Change from the Inside Out

Underpinning this process is a framework based on research stating that lasting change flows from the inside out. It starts with rewiring our beliefs or mindsets about how the world works, especially when things are stressful or outside our comfort zone. Watch the video below to learn more.

We will reinforce and sustain improvements by implementing a daily program of deliberate preparation and practice that help us function at our best whether things are going as planned or challenging us in unforeseen ways.

Adaptive Process

Our approach is flexible and adaptive. There are times when you may need to think through and address a pressing issue or opportunity.

I use a strengths-based approach when coaching

We all have strengths. I believe that helping you leverage and develop your strengths is the best way to help you rapidly improve as a leader. I have found there are four areas of strength or points of leverage for executives - purpose, situational awareness, mindset, and core skills and habits. 

I use a variety of coaching roles

I will play one or more of the following roles, depending on your needs.


I give executives a confidential partner to talk things through with. Leaders and executives often feel alone. They don't have someone who "get's it" to share their challenges with and talk things through. As a CEO for nine years, I know what it feels like.  I will help you unpack the unique issues you face and determine what actions to take.


I help clients see things as they really are. Many executives never get straight feedback from their teams. With every client, I tell things like I see them. Direct, data-driven input on how they show up as a leader combined with constructive advice for overcoming those issues that hold them back. For some clients, this involves identifying what is essential and how to align your mindsets and actions accordingly. Knowing who we really are, warts and all is the foundation on which great leaders thrive. It's the basis for living and leading with excellence.

Brett was my executive coach... He helped me rapidly improve my mental game and take my leadership effectiveness up several levels. The benefit is less stress, more confidence, greater productivity and stronger business results. On top of that, I’m certain his coaching had a positive impact on my personal life. I strongly recommend Brett to anyone looking for an executive coach.
— Jason Oates - President, Live Intent


I help leaders get from point A and point B. The roadblocks and pitfalls between where you are and where you want to be are often complex. I have helped leaders step into a role as a senior executive or CEO with a compelling transition plan and the candid feedback we all need. I have coached leaders through complex issues with partners, reducing their stress and increasing their effectiveness.


I help clients see the big picture, the context of a situation, and to improve their overall awareness. Sometimes our most significant challenges as leaders are our relationships. There is a lot of drama at work. I help my clients to see their part and the parts of others in a situation and to take the steps necessary to improve their relationships. I also help clients become more aware by taking a step back to see the big picture of their business and become more aware of the opportunities and challenges that exist down the road.


I help people identify and bridge skill gaps. Many of us can talk about our strengths and weaknesses, but as a coach, I can help you quickly determine where to focus to make the biggest improvements to experience massive leverage. Critical skills for executives include presentation skills, meeting organization, holding others accountable, building trust, and giving feedback to others. I will help you develop these skills or find people that can complement your skills. 

Coaching Benefits

When you have a coach and lead with greater intentionality, there is ample evidence you and your team will:

  • Deliver more than 1.5 times the results of average leaders
  • Get the unvarnished insights and cold truth others won’t tell you so you can make better decisions
  • Develop more compelling innovations
  • Accomplish more and deliver at a higher quality
  • Lower employee turnover and increase engagement
  • Improve specific skills - communication, delegation, conflict management, accountability, team building, persuasion, etc.
  • Have more clarity on what you stand for and make decisions with greater conviction
  • Be more resilient when facing challenges.

Achieving results like those above will help you generate a return on investment that is many times your total investment in coaching before the initial 12 week program is even complete.

How does the Jump Start Program work?

The initial jump start program lasts three months with weekly, 75-minute coaching sessions. Sessions are either in-person at our office in Sandy or held via a Skype-like service.

During the first session we begin to develop your goals for where you want to be and start the assessment process. By the fourth session, your roadmap will be complete and we will be focusing on the specific changes needed in your skills, habits, and mindsets to begin turning a few of your strengths into super strengths. We will set aside time during every session to discuss urgent matters you need feedback on. By week 12 you should begin to see meaningful and lasting improvements in the selected areas where we have focused.

Once the initial 12 week program is complete, most leaders renew for another three months with either weekly or twice monthly sessions depending on their needs. Leaders then migrate into an X Group peer group to stay fresh.

Are you ready to take the next step?

My availability is limited and I only work with those that are truly hungry to live with excellence and take their game to the next level. To start the application process, click on the button below.