10: Bassam Salem, CEO of AtlasRTX, on Heroes Swimming Against the "Norm", Getting Things Wrong When We Are Sure We Are Right, and the Connection Between Personal and Professional Success

Show Notes

Bassam Salem is the CEO of AtlasRTX based in Park City, UT. They deliver an integrated A.I. chatbot and message platform that enables a real-time customer experience that moves seamlessly from A.I. chatbots to real, live humans. I had a chance to meet the team and they are an impressive group of individuals. Previous he was the Chief Operating Officer at MaritzCX and the Chief Business Officer at inContact.

During our conversation we discussed:

  • His first professional leadership experience and the importance of having a mentor who really cared (5:57)
  • The biggest change in his leadership approach over the years – evolving from an analytical to more human-focused style and how hard that is (11:45)
  • His real leadership heroes – those that swim against “norms” (13:45)
  • How sure we are that we are right when we are dead wrong (14:10)
  • The key to making a difference as an entrepreneur (17:00)
  • His leadership style today – ”communal” (22:45)
  • Making unpopular decisions (25:00)
  • His vulnerable awareness of things he is still working on (24:10, 28:00)
  • The evolution of his leadership mindset (30:45)
  • How he maintains his energy level (33:30)
  • The connection between personal and professional success (36:15)

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Podcast Transcript

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