Quitting Your Addiction to Average

Doesn’t it feel good to be a little above average? To look around at your contemporaries, see that your paycheck is just as good or a little higher than the average professional’s, that your job title is just as lofty, that your house is just as big, that your electronics are just as new, and that you’re just as good-looking or even a little better looking than the average? But as you settle into the comfort of that knowledge, the slow poison of an insecure, complacent mediocrity sets in. Comparing yourself to the average is the professional’s drug-- it makes you feel good, but it’s highly addictive, limits potential, and is often fatal to careers.

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Brett Pinegar
Effective Leadership Starts with What We Believe

Some think that being a productive leader is all about charisma. Others believe it's all about skills. Still, others see strong leadership as techniques or activities. I see all of these as essential components of good leadership, but without the right foundation, they will be counterproductive. I believe that to be an excellent leader; we must start with what we believe–we need to have the right mindset–one that motivates us to create with integrity the future we want with the people we lead.

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Mindset, LeadershipBrett Pinegar
My Personal Call to Adventure

About five years ago I put my consulting work on hold to become CEO of WealthCounsel. Recently I made the tough decision to step down. We've done some fantastic work at WealthCounsel and achieved significant success, but most importantly, I am grateful for the relationships I have made with my team and our members and for how much I have learned from them.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Thankfully, my symptoms remain mild – I have a slight tremor in my right arm.  Parkinson's has given me something more significant than symptoms; it has given me clarity and insight.

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Be a master to your students

It's true that a team is only as strong as its weakest player, so how does a good leader build strength from weakness?

A good friend is a corporate vice president today. But the way he tells the story, it would never would have happened without his chessmaster.

Chess is a game that teaches strategy, but playing will also give you insights about people. Like a lot of young players, my friend played an aggressive style. Attack, attack, attack. The kind of game that looks great when it wins, but will lose six out of ten games.

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Principles, MindsetBrett Pinegar