Stephen Pressfield on Resistance


We all face what Stephen Pressfield calls Resistance. Resistance is the force that seeks to stop us from pursuing our dream, launching a venture, sticking with a diet or any other worthy cause. The great news is that "Resistance only opposes in one direction."*  Resistance will consistently give us a free pass when we're procrastinating, giving up our dream, making an excuse, ...

You can use Resistance to your advantage. Whenever Resistance encourages you to delay, give up, be lazy, turn it around and don't delay, don't give up, and engage fully in whatever Resistance is suggesting you avoid.

Resistance can be a either stop you in your tracks or if you remember what Resistance is really telling you, it can give you all the motivation you need to believe in the dream, stay focused, and give your work all you've got.

Best wishes on the journey!

* I highly recommend The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield, the source of this quote.