Responsibility ... response-ability. We have the ability to choose our response to whatever happens to us. When we practice responsibility we understand that:

  • Our weaknesses and failures are not due to anyone but ourselves.
  • Our strengths and achievements are brought about by ourselves and not by family, friends, co-workers, nor anyone else.
  • Only we alone can alter our condition and our happiness. If you were raised in an unhealthy environment or with false beliefs, it is still up to you and you alone as a thinking person to strip away the false and replace it with truth.
  • We are free when we conquer our weaknesses. We can conquer our weaknesses by looking without fear for the truth about ourselves and living the truth daily. Truth brings freedom, not constraint–living above the unavoidable consequences of living in error.
  • There can be no progress, no achievement without sacrifice. The higher your aspirations, the great the sacrifice required to achieve them. The Law of the Harvest means you only achieve what you strive for–there is no free ride. Ofttimes, the real sacrifice you make for progress is nothing more than giving up the good for the great, error for the truth, or what you lust for today for what you deeply aspire to tomorrow.
Brett Pinegar