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Be a master to your students

It's true that a team is only as strong as its weakest player, so how does a good leader build strength from weakness?

A good friend is a corporate vice president today. But the way he tells the story, it would never would have happened without his chessmaster.

Chess is a game that teaches strategy, but playing will also give you insights about people. Like a lot of young players, my friend played an aggressive style. Attack, attack, attack. The kind of game that looks great when it wins, but will lose six out of ten games.

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5 Proven Ways to Better Manage Stress

Stress is a fact of life and a necessary part of life too. Without the stress on the body from a vigorous workout, one loses muscles and gains weight. Without the stress of studying to learn a new subject, it is impossible to improve one’s knowledge. In any area of life that shows improvement or growth, you will find a stress factor involved with that change. The challenge then becomes to not eliminate stress but rather to utilize stress in a fashion that will produce the best results with the least amount of negative impact.

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Improve Your Results – Overcome Resistance

Life happens. You’re running early for a meeting and decide to stop for a quick errand. You step out of the car, preoccupied with thoughts of your meeting, and shut the door – realizing seconds too late that your keys and phone are now locked inside.  The quick errand has now turned into a quick panic as you realize that you are miles from home, you have no access to a phone to call for assistance and you may miss your meeting.

Yet how often do we find ourselves derailed from reaching our goals, from finding success simply because we did not have a plan to overcome the resistance that happens every day?

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Let My Dataset Change Your Mindset

Check out Hans Rosling's TED talk, "Let My Dataset Change Your Mindset" and let it help you limber up your mindset. Each of us have views, opinions, and perspectives on just about everything. Our opinions and perspectives are driven by our mindset, something that rarely creeps out of our subconscious. As leaders, if our mindset is wrong, then our gut instincts will be wrong, we will misinterpret the data we see, and likely misjudge the people and situations we find ourselves in.

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