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Find Your Line

The title of this video is Revelation, a Visual Poem and it is a beautiful reminder that true happiness and joy come when we pursue our purpose with passion... in other words, as we find and follow our line.

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5 Things Great Leaders Believe

Strong leaders have long known that leading doesn't start with actions, or even thoughts. Instead, it starts with what leaders believe. Covey calls these beliefs our moral compass. Peter Senge calls them mental models. They are the lens through which we view the world. They influence how we perceive and respond to all that happens.

These beliefs are not corporate values we aspire to, but instead the principles that determine what we think, say, and do. I often think of Enron, and their corporate values of communication, respect, integrity, and excellence. For them and many others, their values represent things that they were have the most difficult time doing.

So what do great leaders believe? What mental models guide them? Here are five principles I consistently see great leaders believe in and act on.

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Transforming Desire to Will

I'm reading a great book, Finding Your Zone, by Michael Lardon. Dr. Lardon's work focuses mostly on athletes, however the wisdom he shares is as relevant in the office and at home.

Create energy by transforming desire to will...

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A Powerful Mission Statement

"This is your life. Do what you love, and do it often" is how Holstee's mission statement starts. These words fill me with passion and inspiration. How many mission statements do that? Most mission statements describe, but never inspire. They use words like "be the best at..." or "being a leader in the..." They explain the what, not the why. Holstee's mission is different. It answers the question of "why?" powerfully.

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Start with Why, Not What

Emotion is a far greater motivator of action than rational thought!

Great leaders and great companies inspire action by starting with why not what. Rather than say what they want you to do, or what product they want you to buy, they start with why–their purpose or core belief. They understand that emotions are connected with purpose.

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