Stop Grinding the Gears of Thought


When you say one thing and think another you have two or more thoughts that are at odds with each other. Like grinding gears they sap integrity and energy from your efforts. Ask yourself if being at odds with yourself makes sense. Have you had the experience where you say one thing while thinking something entirely different. Maybe it is responding to a co-worker, “I’d be happy to help” when what you really want to say is, “Why can’t they get this done themselves?” Or taking another slice of cake, when you know you shouldn’t.

Inconsistencies like these occur when we have two or more thoughts that are at odds with each other–like grinding gears in a stick shift. When we have dissonant thoughts, we rob energy from our efforts.

Mental alignment is the springboard to productive action. Extraordinary individuals work diligently to be consistent in what they think, say, and do. They seek out and disarm the rogue thoughts that hold them back. When our words and actions are consistent with the internal dialog of our minds, we strengthen our ability to diligently practice for thousands of hours, to stay laser focused on our purpose–in other words, to accomplish the extraordinary.