Purpose or Distraction?


I live near the base of several majestic mountains, including the one pictures above. I am regularly inspired by their beauty and grandeur. I enjoy spending time in them hiking, rock climbing, and camping. Spending time in the mountains quiets my mind and helps me stay focused on what matters most. When I am there, I often think about my purpose, my mission, and my goals. Life has many options and opportunities. There are an almost infinite number of summits that we get to choose from. Some are aligned with our purpose and others are simply a distraction. Are we climbing the right mountain? Are we on the trail to a place we really want to get to? Does this path represent purpose or a diversion?

Pick a Mountain

Some can articulate what their overall mission is at work–a revenue target for the quarter or year, a position in the market, or some other measurable outcome. Yet, many lack a driving purpose that keeps that focused and directed. For most of us, our mission needs to be bigger than a result, it needs to do some greater good.

Remember, without a specific mountain to climb, any path will do. Mountain first–your mountain, then path.

Take Action!

What mountain should you climb?Reflect on your hopes for your life.

  • What do you hope you can say on your death bed?
  • What should you do that would allow you to rest in peace?

Ponder what you were made to do. It may flow from your faith in God's purpose for you or it may flow from your hope to make a difference in the world.

Pull out your journal and write what comes to mind. Day after day, write what flows from the deepest, truest part of your being. In time, your mountain will be clear!

Find your mountain of purpose and enjoy the journey!