Success is a Choice

I would venture to say that if you asked most people if they would like to be successful the answer would be yes. Yet if you asked those same people if they considered themselves successful the answer would be no… or not in this area or that area. Certainly success must be defined in terms of a goal – an achievement marker from which to define the level of success one has reached.

Who defines success is also dependent upon the goal – it may be a boss, a teacher, a friend or, perhaps most often, the individual themselves.

“Who defines YOUR success?”

If you want to be successful then you must choose to be successful.  In order to choose success over failure you must utilize proven goal accomplishment techniques.

SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) goal setting, as developed by George T. Doran, has been around a long time with proven results. However, as we all know, setting a goal and reaching a goal are two very different things.

“It is the choices you make every day that determine your ultimate level of success.”


Let’s say that you want to go back to school to get the next level degree in your field of study. You are set up for success: You’ve set a SMART goal and you know the proven techniques of regular study, note taking, class attendance, peer review, and time management.  However, if you regularly choose to pull all-nighter study sessions vs working hard each day then you’ve chosen to put your opportunity for success on the line.

Attack your goals with consistent effort and proven techniques – everyday – for as long as it takes. By choosing this route you are choosing success.

Choose to never give up.

Choose to wake up an hour early, or stay up an hour later.

Choose to be consistent in your efforts.

Choose to believe in yourself.

What choices are you making today to ensure you are successful at reaching your goals?



ActionBrett Pinegar