Improve Your Results – Overcome Resistance

Life happens. You’re running early for a meeting and decide to stop for a quick errand. You step out of the car, preoccupied with thoughts of your meeting, and shut the door – realizing seconds too late that your keys and phone are now locked inside.  The quick errand has now turned into a quick panic as you realize that you are miles from home, you have no access to a phone to call for assistance and you may miss your meeting.


Yet how often do we find ourselves derailed from reaching our goals, from finding success simply because we did not have a plan to overcome the resistance that happens every day?

Do you have an area were, despite your best intentions, you fail to achieve your goals? 

  • Exercise in the morning vs Alarm clock
  • Preparing in advance for a meeting vs Team members randomly stopping by for a visit
  • Researching data for your presentation vs “Researching” the latest sports scores

Resistance – whether self-inflicted or developed from sources beyond your control – is going to happen. This is why it is important is to create a system of plans that you can rely upon to improve your follow through regardless of the resistance.

If you have a goal to lose weight and generally you exercise before work but one morning you oversleep – what is your backup plan? If you don’t have a backup plan you’ll probably miss your workout and derail your goal. However, if you’ve already made a plan for this situation (exercise at lunch, after work, on break, etc…) you are likely to automatically “go to plan b” and stay on track.

Create your goal and the path to achievement then take some time to list out the possible roadblocks that life may throw at you. Create a plan, your “plan b” for staying on track in the case of each of the scenarios. Your results (goal achievement) will improve through your focused and intentional decision to overcome everyday resistance.