X Groups help you Grow your capabilities and your business

Three X GROUPS begin during Q2 2018.

  • An in-person group that meets in Lehi and Salt Lake City, UT for for young, first-time entrepreneurs.
  • An in-person group in Lehi and Salt Lake City for CEOs with more than five years of executive experience.

  • A virtual group for CEOs with more than five years experience that do not work in the Salt Lake City area.

How can an X Group help you succeed?

The research is clear, most first time executives fail to achieve their goals. In fact, most new businesses fail - eighty percent within two years and more than ninety five percent within ten. Success is hard to obtain.

When you join an X Group you will:

  • Develop your skills at leadership, decision-making, communication, innovation, and more.
  • Actively engage with a committed network of fellow executives.
  • Receive honest feedback instead of the "what the team thinks you want to hear" feedback we sometimes get.
  • Brainstorm new ideas to the complex problems you face.
  • Keep you accountable to your goals and objectives.
  • Inspire you to live and lead with more excellence.

What are the tangible results of fully engaging in an X Group?

You will dramatically increase your odds of success. Studies how that being part of a peer group can more than double your productivity and growth.

What are you waiting for? Apply to join an X Group today.

What is an X GROUP meeting like?

X Groups are based on the power of gathering monthly as a group of six to twelve peers in a facilitated session to learn, grow, be accountable, brainstorm solutions, and have some fun. 

Each group needs to be chaired and facilitated an expert coach and mentor who brings real world experience. I have more than nine years of experience as a tech CEO and many more years experience facilitating sessions, coaching, and consulting.

Each session is an opportunity for you to learn grow and position yourself for greater success. You will receive insightful and actionable content that can help you improve your leadership, strategy, decision making, communications, and more.

Accountability is integral to each session. You will have opportunities to confidentially review your business with your peers quarterly. You will be accountable each session to commitments you made in prior sessions. We also provide a private system for collaborating with each other, accessing resources, and tracking your commitments and goals. 

Brainstorming is also an important part of a session. You will be able to bring your questions and concerns to your peers and receive feedback and brainstorm solutions with the in a safe secure environment.

A typical X Group meeting agenda:

  • Meetings start with a check-in for peers to be accountable for actions since last meeting, raise items to be discussed with group during session, and more.
  • We then stoke the fire with 90 minutes dedicated to sharing and practicing new ideas and skills taught by facilitator or outside experts based on needs of group.
  • Next we hold Quarterly business reviews for 2 or 3 members of group where they each takes 15 minutes and update the team on their business, including specific feedback they have received from their team on how to improve as a leader, and then receive 30 minutes of constructive feedback from the group.
  • During lunch we discuss and brainstorm specific issues raised during check-in.
  • During the early afternoon we often do something fun like bowling, hiking, Top Golf.
  • The session ends with a review of commitments they have made between now and next group

What makes X GROUPS so effective?

I personally chair and facilitate each session I have served as CEO for more than 9 years and many more years experience as a facilitator, coach, and consultant.

We use a private, secure collaboration and support system enables accountability, issue posting and support, and sharing of resources, including articles, videos, and tools to help you work and lead more productively, tools that help you stay committed and accountable for the work you are doing.

We provide time in every meeting for brainstorming solutions to challenges, sharing insightful content on leadership, strategy, decision-making, communications, and getting insightful perspective from your peers that is augmented with information gathered from your team using anonymous survey tools.

Twice a year we have larger, fun networking activities twice a year to help people in separate X Groups to connect and develop relationships.

We're committed to providing the best peer groups possible however there's one thing you need to provide for it to be a success - and that's your commitment. Your commitment to come to meetings.Your commitment to do the things that you agreed to do. Your commitment to support your peers. Commit yourself and you'll get measurable results and a compelling ROI much less than a year.