Quiet Your Mind for Creativity


Most of us jump form one thought, to the next, and the next,... all day long. Our thoughts are controlling us instead of us controlling our thoughts. Training the mind to focus  is like athletic conditioning. It takes hard work! As we train the mind to give full attention to whatever we are doing, it learns to stay laser focused wherever we place our attention.

If we don't gain control over our minds, the results can be devastating. Eknath Easwaran in his book, Conquest of Mind said:

What does it mean, then, to have the freedom to tell your mind what to think? I can give you one breathtaking example. All too often, personal relationships fall apart when the mind is untrained... When our attention can be captured by any little thing, we cannot show our children or partner much love; the mind will always wander off after something else... Some psychologists say we are becoming a national of emotional drifters, moving from person to person as we move from place to place and from job to job.

With dedication and training, we give our complete attention to those people and priorities that matter most. We enable massive levels of creativity and learn that true spontaneity only comes after hours and hours of deliberate practice.